Future Factories will be in the Cloud

“By 2020, nearly 12 billion devices in the manufacturing world are expected to be connected via advanced machine-to-machine (M2M) based technology.”

-Frost & Sullivan

Industries across the globe are on the crossroads of a revolution. Advancements in technologies are not only making manufacturing and processes effective, but enabling the work to be “Smarter”.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has taken the manufacturers across the globe by storm, enabling them to influence the capacity of objects to communicate with and sense the world around them. IIoT is creating a wave of opportunities for manufacturers to analyze and streamline processes to increase efficiency and hence, heavy investments are being made in IIoT solutions and devices.

Rise of The Machines

  • The current go-to-market channel is partnerships – between telecom, individual software vendors, and IIoT technology companies
  • Demand for smart solutions across diverse vertical markets is not only restricted to eHealth and smart mobility, but extends to industrial controls, smart animal farming, smart agriculture, and smart cities
  • Both wired and wireless networks are becoming the most important channels to deliver these smart solutions
  • Factory automation is seduced by real-time data. Real-time process monitoring
    • Reduces waste and improves process efficiency
    • Optimizes resources, both in terms of energy and workforce
    • Enables the ability to track and monitor
      • Assets and workforce mobility
      • Hazardous and inaccessible locations
      • Performance variation in the industrial space
      • Unplanned downtimes

Industrial Cloud and IoT Gateways

Industrial cloud platform is an emerging innovation platform for manufacturers and is encouraging the adoption of Industrial IoT. Devices are connected to the cloud through gateways to ensure continuous flow of data.

Several companies today are engaging in the development of IoT gateway hardware and software solutions. These companies deliver an integrated open platform with scalable solutions to securely connect data from the devices to the cloud. Today, this has a laid a foundation to the design and development of new products for specific industry verticals.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data has created a breakthrough in the era of IoT. Some of the key product performance traits are – proactive monitoring of product quality and predictive maintenance, enabling decisions in real time. Big Data Analytics has a major emphasis on enabling real time decisions and can enable manufacturers to bridge the gaps left at the design phase of the product.

Future of Manufacturing

The movement and increasing interest in IoT is expected to have a significant influence on manufacturing. As the number of connected devices, especially in the manufacturing world multiply comprehensively:

  • It is likely for manufacturers to leverage this technology and develop more customer focused solutions.
  • The monetary growth including cost reserve funds and upgraded profitability development is expected to be gigantic.
  • Real time data and the ability to transform workflows are expected to be the key disruptor in this space.
  • Innovative technologies are expected to change the business process, without actually changing the traditional business, but by bringing in greater agility.

Sapan Agarwal | sapan.agarwal@frost.com | +603 6204 5830

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